Eden North Carolina

Where Promise Flows

Utilities & Services

Distributor Source Maximum Daily Capacity    Storage Capacity

City - City of Eden

County - Dan River Water

City - Dan River

County - City of Eden

City: 21,000,000 gal.


City:  Elevated 1.6 mil. gals.

Ground 8 mil. gals.

Sewer System Type Capacity  Available Surplus Separate Storm Sewer System
Treatment Plant
Activated Sludge
13.5 mil. GPD 
6.5 mil. GPD

Solid Waste
City - Yes
County - No
Private - Yes

ElectricityPower Supplier(s):

Davidson Electric
Energy United
Duke Energy Company
24 Hour Customer Service (336) 427-5185 or 634-1348
Power Outage Reporting 800-769-3766 Power Distributor:

Natural Gas

Piedmont Natural Gas Service
(336) 623-9115
238 Kings Highway
Nights, Weekends, and Emergencies
(336) 349-6022

Gas Supplier:

Transcontinental Gas

Other Fuels

Fuel Oil: Yes
Coal: Yes
LP Gas: Yes